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(as a relative),

I am the mother of the patient and I am delighted to have the opportunity to air my views! From the moment my daughter Charlotte first developed symptoms of appendicitis to the day she left the hospital, the whole experience was wonderful! I first rang NHS Direct who took the details quickly. AN adviser rang me back within five minutes. We went to NHS Direct in Nottingham and were seen immediately by a doctor who gave us a letter and sent us off to casualty. I was particularly please to be allowed to go to the Paediatric department, my daughter being just a few days away from her seventeenth birthday. We were quickly seen by the triage nurse and taken up to a ward where we were made very welcome and comfortable. Pain killers had been given at home on the suggestion of the adviser on the phone and more pain relief was given in casualty. This helped my daughter considerably. She was then seen by a trainee doctor who examined her carefully and expertly and was very nice indeed with us. At 9.00am she was seen by the consultant who quickly confirmed that it probably was appendicitis and informed us that he would see her again at lunch time and “have a look” in the early afternoon. Our stay on this GP referral unit was very pleasant. The nurses made us very welcome and we appreciated the parents’ room with TV, magazines, tea, coffee, etc.

(If I have one small criticism of the admissions procedure, it is that it was perhaps a little slow. One is obliged to repeat the details over and over again to several people. This became a little tedious in the end and I do feel that the admissions procedure might have been quicker, given that infection was building up in Charlotte’s body with every minute that passed).

We were then admitted to D34 where our stay was fantastic. I was made extremely welcome and felt able to be there at any time, day or night. I was then in a difficult position because I had to attend some music exams at the very time that her operation was scheduled for. I received maximum support from all the people involved in Charlotte’s case and I reluctantly left her shortly before the operation, knowing that she was in excellent hands. The nurse (Stephanie) was marvellous, the doctor (Frances Burge) so friendly, the anaesthetist re-assuring. The doctor even said that they could delay the operation until my return! I did not, of course, agree to this and was glad later that I had not. However, the attention to detail and consideration of the patients and parents wishes was very much appreciated.

After the op, I was particularly impressed that the surgeon (Dan Collyer) came up to the ward to see me as soon as he possibly could, to let me know the details of the operation. The nurse in the recovery room was fantastic and the same nurse who took Charlotte down brought her back (with me). It was great to be allowed “downstairs” and to be made to feel important and welcome at all stages.

The after care was superb in everyway with regular checks by the nurses and frequent visits from the doctors. The ward was clean (it was permanently being cleaned during our stay) and colourful and lovely. Nothing was too much trouble for the nurses. I only had to stand up and walk around for them to ask if everything was alright, if I needed anything. I felt at all times like a VIP! The education people (Kate and Jonathon) were great. Kate provided Charlotte with a laptop when she felt well enough to work. She was very funny and her presence on the ward was a real boon.

Charlotte and I had a wonderful week and I am so grateful for her care. She stayed in to receive her antibiotics intravenously and did not come out of hospital until Saturday afternoon. I felt that this was just perfect timing (the op had been on the Monday afternoon). By the time she left, we were both ready again to face the outside world again, although I have to say that I was very sad and reluctant to leave such a lovely environment. She has recovered well with no problems whatsoever.

I know that Charlotte was as happy as I was with the experience (perhaps the meals could have been a little better. She enjoyed some of her food but not all of it was as good as it might have been, she felt. However, the packed lunches were nice and the nurses were more than happy to make toast at any time. She didn’t feel like eating much anyway). So there you have it. How pleased we are to British and to live in Nottingham where the care, we found, is second to none.

Very many thanks to all concerned. If my thanks can be passed onto the person in charge of QMC, I would be very grateful. I am more than happy to be named and to be contacted at any point.

Hilary J. Coles

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