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After recently having a mole removed on my shoulder in Bath, I then had to have a wide excision of the area on Friday at southmead. I was booked in for 9am but didn't go to surgery until 10ish.. The staff were all lovely and friendly and I was very impressed with the appearance and cleanliness of the hospital.. HOWEVER.. After the surgery I was taken back to my room where the nurse said someone would be in to see me shortly and said I needed to have something to eat and drink and asked what flavour sandwich I would like. The nurse went on her break and I was sat in the room for nearly an hour by myself. The nurse came back and was shocked no one had been to see me and apologised. Basically the nurse said I'd need to go to my doctors in 5 days to have the dressing changed, and then saw me out. I was actually feeling pretty unwell which I'm sure was just down to shock (the anaesthesic has worn off half way through the procedure and I'd found the whole thing pretty frightening anyway). Anyway, I didn't ask the questions I should have. But the information should have been given without being requested.. I was given no aftercare. I have no idea what I should or shouldn't do with my wound. I wasn't given the drink or sandwich that I apparently needed to have. But most of all my main issue is with pain relief. In my life I've had knee surgery, a tonsillectomy, surgery to remove a lump on my eyebrow, and I have also given birth completely naturally. So I'm hoping you can gauge what I'm getting at when I say I'm in a lot of pain and would rather repeat any of those things that go through this again. I wasn't even told to take ibprofen and paracetamol which I've obviously been doing anyway. I personally think I should have been given some proper pain relief and some sound advice. Pretty unhappy about the whole experience as I'm still in a lot of pain. Waiting to get some proper help from the doctors tomorrow.

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