"Newham Hospital experience "

About: Newham General Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as a parent/guardian),

Today my 2'year old daughter and me went to NEWHAM hospital in the morning. And the experience was horrible.

My daughter fell and hit her neck and she couldn't move her neck and her ear was hurting. First we registered. Then the nurse sent us to the first check up. We were waiting there and my girl started moving her neck for 10 min but it was still hurting.

When the doctor or whoever they were let us in started asking what happened and I explained and while I ways explaining my girl moved the neck few times and the doctor started laughing and pointed a finger at her and said "Oh look she is moving her neck" I was trying to explain and the doctor didn't even listen

The doctor gave her paracetamol as usual and was still laughing. The doctor gave us a thumbs up and said " Its nothing serious but we will check it out". The doctor was so unpleasant and sarcastic.

Then we waited for a doctor, real doctor I mean. This doctor checked her ear. ( She was crying from pain ) The doctor just said "oh there is no blood, nothing, I will give her Ibuprofen and you are good to go ". The doctor explained why it was hurting but this is the only thing the doctor did, checked her year.

They didn't do any scan or something, NOTHING. I understand if it was me in my daughters place, but she is a 2 year old girl. They don't even care to be sure that everything is ok or something and they didn't even give us a paper for the medicine to get it for free. Of course I know the medicine is not expensive but this is how they don't do their job properly because when we went to the Pharmacy they asked me why the doctor didn't give as a prescription.

So anyway this was the last time I went to Newham hospital. I feel the only thing they do there is just sitting around and eating. You think us patients don't have eyes? Yes we do, unfortunately.

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