"Why all the lifts and no stairs"

(as the patient),

I went to visit a relative who was ill at the time in the hospital. I took my brother with me to visit. We know which ward our relative was on so we followed the signs which took us to a set of lifts.

I don't mind but my brother who has a fear of lift due to poor previous experiences in lifts as a child so he did not want to go into the lift so we walk around to look for the flight of stairs up. After 30min walking around we asked a passing nurse ‘where are the stairs up?’ to which we were told there are none just lift - which we thought was strange as you need stairs for fire exits - to which we were told ‘they are on the outside of the building and are for emergency use only’.

I did manage to get my brother to take the lift but when we got into the lift it was squeaking and it had bulbs missing and it took a long time for it to work which is not good for someone who fears lifts.

I found this an appalling use of £261m of taxpayer’s money and in a design more like a shopping centre.

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