"Renal biopsy 1 week stay got diognosis"

About: St James's University Hospital

Well i was in for a week dont get me wrong some of the staff was great but some of the staff was so appalling i was wondering why she even became a nurse a lady next door to me must have had a incident and i heard the lady nurse say to her colleague ergh im not cleaning that! I was so disgusted in her and was wondering how ahe would off felt if she was in patients shoes! But then ontop after having a scare that my pottasium levels had risen and the 2 gossiping nurses who assumed that had eaten a load of chocolate and crisps is why this happened. I was 19 when this happened so natrually my friends brought me comfort food chocolates and crisps which they left on my table which i did not touch!! Because i was too ill to even eat and had lost my apetite needles too say i had lost around three stone because i wasnt eating well. Anyway the nurses probably assumed i was sleeping at my bedside looking over my notes one nurse was breifing another and i herd them say as you can see this young ladys potassium levels have risen which due to the chocolates and crisp shes been consuming that her friends have brought her. He upset me because i felt like i was being blamed for something i havent done and wasnt even discused with me that i should stop with these foods so then atleast i could tell them that i havnt touched any of the food that has been bought to me by my friends instead another lady that must have been a dietitian gave me leaflets that said food with high and low potassium levels. I think nurses should atleast interact with patients to get a better understanding of sittuations and not assume things!!

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