"Very worried about the Mansfield changeover to CRI"

About: CRI

(as the patient),

The sheer lack of information has been shocking. Our key workers phones were turned off with no warning, no needle exchange was available for injecting users, putting the public and the users at risk of blood born viruses.

I have a codeine addiction, over the counter pills with ibuprofen and paracetamol mixed with the codeine. It was killing me till my recovery worker/keyworker saved my life. I am now on Subutex 8mg and doing very well. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of Autism. I have lost my usual doctor with the recovery partnership and fear medical settings. All we had was a phone number which lead to an answer machine saying someone would be back to us in 24 hours I rang Monday and am still waiting.

I rang the CRI London number and was met with a very rude man so I put the phone down on him. I am worried I will be given pressure, deadlines and threats to reduce faster than I am comfortable with. This happened once and I relapsed. I also occasionally use cannabis and a legal high. So if these show on the tests, it's not because I am using them daily. They stay in your body for a long time. I am scared this will jeopardise my treatment, but it is my choice to do this as I am not being treated for these drugs, only opiates. Subutex has saved my life.

The 'new building' is not even finished and is smack bang in a dangerous area. I am a lone female and feel threatened in daylight, never mind later appointments in the winter. It's right next to the homeless shelter, no disrespect to the homeless but one man leered out of a window shouting-come on sweetheart give it a lick. The building is not finished even and staff are being forced to work around workmen.

I think this is a despicable way to treat vulnerable people. I may need support going inside that place, due to my medical phobia caused by a childhood event. I also do not feel comfortable doing mouth swab tests. I show my upset on the way home by collapsing in tears. I am also worried that CRI will put money before patients. We are patients not customers. Customers choose a shop or service. We have no choice.

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