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"Please bring the patterned splints back"

About: Walk in Centre

(as a parent/guardian),

I took my son to the Mary Potter Centre last Thursday to have a cast done for some new splints. My son was very excited as he likes to pick his new design each time, only to be told this time that he couldn't have a nice design it had to be a normal plain colour. Now I'm sorry but this is disgusting. My child didn't want to wear splints through his choice. He has to wear them but it was made better because of the designs they could have on them.

Now you've taken this from all the disabled children who need splints not just my son and I really don't understand why? You should bring the patterns back and stop making the kids stand out even more in the crowd. Me and my partner have even said that if it's the money that's the problem, which I doubt it is, we would donate some money if my son wanted the patterned ones. We wouldn't mind doing that at all and I'm sure other parents wouldn't mind either even though we shouldn't have to. So sick and tired of our disabled children always being wronged and things getting taken away from them. So please bring the patterned splints back.

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