"Very poor A&E service - Avoid this centre if you..."

About: St Mary's Hospital (London)

Yesterday was my second time I've visited the A&E at St Mary's Hospital. I was equally disappointed and frustrated about the service, the care and the unjustified waiting time. In both situations I was referred to the hospital as it could not be treated on a normal walk-in practice (1st fractured finger and 2nd time a bleeding cut) There are 3 receptionist and while the 3 were free it took them at least 5-10 minutes to call me... they were clearly not interested in patients, one was chatting and giggling with a nurse in the back, another one was typing on his computer and the other one was, without any intent to even hide it, checking his text messages on his smartphone. Not even the fact that I was staring at them cause them any reaction. Not a great start… that’s just the beginning. I had some hope as I was relatively quickly called (15 minutes or so) for the nurse, who checked my bound and managed to stop the bleeding when very rudely cleaned and replace my bandage without any consideration whatsoever on pain. Anyway… Then it the next 2 ½ hours wait… I was finally called to see the Doctor. He led me to the examination area and asked me politely to sit in the bed. He checked my bound and start cleaning it without consideration for the pain, I felt like a piece of meat that a butcher was preparing… even the clear moves I did to show my sharp pain he just said… I need to clean it… anyway, I didn’t care for that part much but I guess it should have shown at least some consideration. Then he said that the nurse will come and finishes the bound dressing… and again… more chatting amongst them and waiting. And waiting… and waiting… not until I put my head out of the examination room that I spot my doctor sitting in his chair in front of a computer next to other two other doctors. He say me and said… “one more minute” and left. More waiting and the nurse came and again saw my bound…. Said something quickly and left… wait… wait… and she came back… more pushing and more cleaning on my bound and started to dress up the bound at last… and again left… And more wait… wait… wait… and then the doctor came and gave a paper (later noted that were the discharge papers), I thanked him and then he turned around and started to walk away… I wanted to know what should I do and how should I look after it so I call him and he then said that I would be fine… that’s it. I was in the examination room at least 20-25 minutes when I should have been in and out in 5 minutes. I think that they simply do not care about it. They are just getting paid to be there so if the patients in pain are queuing up… too bad for them I would highly recommend to have check for yourself using mystery-shopping style checks or similar. I am sure you can work out how much waste of time happened and the waiting times. The poor caring and consideration on my pain part I could have lived with but not the complete disregard for people’s time in a painful situation Very disappointed. Avoid!

Story from NHS Choices

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