"routine onology appointment"

About: The Great Western Hospital

I attended a routine oncology appointment on Monday 22nd sept yet again I didn't get to see my oncologist. I went with a friend as I was feeling very poorly that day, I had very prolonged cold shivers and extreme bone and muscle pain and generally felt unwell. she asked how I was after my last chemo I told her, but then also told her that I seemed to have some delayed reactions and I needed painkillers for my body pain. she wrote me pescriptions for fluid retention pain and sleep. I tried to tell her about my cold shivers and feeling unwell but she just wasn't listening, even my friend tried to tell her but nothing after eventually crying because im so frustrated and feel so ill she took my temp but it was normal so she said make an appointment in 4 weeks to sort out radiotherapy. I was so distraught and upset my friend took me to the day care centre where I saw a member of staff who took me into a side room gave me a big hug and some tissues, she took my blood pressure and temp and they were fine but I think she knew I was unwell. I have breast cancer so I know I have to be careful during chemo. She went to get a doctor unfortunately she came back with the same doctor I saw and she said that all I had was effect of the chemo and without a temp there was nothing to be done. that night I was in a baking hot conservatory under a quilt shivering but I darnt call the hospital again they would think im mad. during the night my husband did my temp too high now but I refused to go in because of that woman, by the morning it was 38.8 and I ended up on A&E then on lamu having antibiotics. I am now at home on antibiotics and the hospital call to say the results of my blood tests show an infection. Cancer is a long illness and you need the help and sympathy of the medical staff to help you through this, I am a mum of 4 children and I am trying to be strong for them but on days like this it proves a difficult task.

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