"I feel we nurses get a raw deal"

(as a staff member),

Why is it that after watching Channel 4 Dispatches, nurses are still getting a raw deal?

We work with the minimum staff, sometimes unable to collect a patient after having surgery as there is more often than not only one qualified staff nurse on a ward and therefore cannot leave the ward to collect the patient. We never get off our shift on time and our 'time owing' never gets recognised or paid back. We continually work to high stress levels whilst management seem to think as we are managing we are o.k.

Where are our bonuses for getting the waiting lists down? I certainly think that out of the £40 odd thousand pound bonus that the chief exec at our trust got last year for 'getting waiting lists down' would have been better thought of if she had given the people who actually did the work to get the lists down a share.

Right from the cleaning services, surgical ward staff, theatre teams, recovery teams (who have 8 theatres at any one time to deal with and very little staff to help, anaesthetists and surgeons. Better still a 'thank you' every time would go a long way instead of the constant criticism of poor staffing levels etc. Staff are off sick a lot due to the high levels of stress and no-one seems to care. Management allow some staff to have family friendly hours, well they allow other management staff to have this - not the frontline staff though.

Come on, wake up and try to retain your experienced, valued staff, rather than let them walk out with the attitude of "well we will get new blood in".

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