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(as a relative),

about a year ago now my father (65) fell off a laddar and broke his left wrist, we called an ambulance as we didnt know if he has any other serious injuries, they arrive pritty fast but amazingly the paramedics didn't have any splints to support my fathers arm but followed procedure as much as possible, he was immidiately taken to the a+e deparment at stafford hospital, an hour went by before anyone came to him to see what injuries my father had. different nurses kept popping in and out aswell as doctors, at no point was anything explained to us or my father, the clenliness of the room where they put my father was in a mess and looked as if it haddn't been cleaned for many days, hours went my and they eventually scanned my father and there were only two things wrong, a broken wrist and a blood clot in his leg. he was at this point moved up to the wards, where not only dont the nurses speak english but also they dont seem to clean either. in the bed next to my father was a prisoner who was receiving treatment.

We were then told (my mum and i) that a consultant would soon be up to see my father, it wasnt until several hours later that a consultant came to see my dad and basically said he needed an operation to correct the break in his wrist (this doctor spoke not very good english). the following morning while my mother and i were there someone came around to clean the ward and i waas astonished at how she was cleaning the place, using one cloth she wiped over EVERY surface in the ward, without cleaning it, i told her to skip the area around my fathers bed which she did. needless to say there was still fluff on the floor after she vacumed the place. moving forward to after my father had the operation which they didnt even line up correctly and to this day it doesnt look right, my father still insists that he should have said he was left handed and then maybe they would have done a better job. i could go on about this alot more but to put it in summary:

1) the paramedics didn't have the correct kit for dealing with patients with broken bones

2) the cleanliness of the hospital was a disgrase and im surprised my father didn't catch anything in the 5-6 days he was there

3) the nurses were rude, didn't explaint whay they were doing or tidy up after themselves

4) im shocked that some doctors didn't speak very good english

5) up on the ward patients were treated as a number and not as patients

6) my father never actually met the doctor that performed the surgery on his wrist (we only saw the consultant, not the registrar that performent the operation)

7) at most there were 3 nurses covering the 3 wards that were connected together, if there was more than one emergency, god help anyone there

8) all these wards were mixed sex wards (at the time my father was there)

all i will say to finnish is if you can avoid it, go to another hospital, anywhere is better than stafford hospital

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