"West Middlesex University Hospital's Failures"

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(as a relative),

My elderly mother was rushed into West Middlesex University Hopsital. The treatment toward her that followed was slammed by a Healthcare Commission's report.

In my opinion, Mother was misdiagnosed serval times over from having to be returned to the hospital three times during a two week period. Mother was left waiting for many hours before she was ever seen by a doctor. On her second return to hospital via emergency ambulance - she was taken into an area of the hospital that had no connection to emergency patients, and she was lost inside the hospital for some considerable time before being found after a wide-spread search took place after we alerted the staff of her being missing. The staff had no record of mother being inside the hospital, even after this was carried-out by an ambulance!

Mother was sworn at by an xray technician, this person failed to discover that mother had a broken foot after he took xrays - instead sent her home with an exercise sheet to complete a programe of exercises.

Mother was rushed into the same hospital again within days - after many hours of waiting, she was taken to a ward in the late hour of night. Mother was examined by a senior doctor, and again was misdiagnosed. Mother was left for over 24 hours without food or water. Mother was given incorrect medication.

Mother was attacked in the same ward by a mental health patient who was not a patient of the hospital. Simply, this person had wondered into the hospital, and into the ward unchallenged by any staff. The person became very agressive toward several patients before making verbal intentions of wanting to kill my mother. I was left to challenge this attacker whilst staff walked freely around the ward without any desire toward addressing the incident. The person who attack mother was known to both staff and the hospital, as she was a patient from weeks prior to mother being a patient. The attacker attacked two nurses when she was a patient, one of whom remained on sick leave due to her injuries!

Mother was removed from the hospital's care by ourselves due to the lack of security, staff attention, care for her needs & failure too diagnose her health concerns (including a broken foot)

Mother was taken to another hospital where the treatment was instant, correct & without incident. Sadly, mother remains terrified of those around her (outside of family members) she remains in pain and restricted from movement due to the delay and poor advice toward her injuries. Mother has remained housebound due to the constant nightmares of flashbacks from the attack she endured whilst in the care of West Middlesex University Hospital.

I am still waiting for West Middlesex University Hosptal in Isleworth to respond toward compensating mother for their failures after two years of the Healthcare Commissions Report that accepted each and every area of our complaint.

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