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(as the patient),


My story begins when I had to go to Northallerton Hospital (North Yorkshire) in January 2009 for a medical termination. I was 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are not in a financial position to afford a baby as I am in full time study, hence we had to make the painful and heartbreaking decision that an accidental pregnancy could not be continued.

The first part of this type of temination is a pill you take to release horemones which make the feotus separate from the womb. This tablet was given to me in a public waiting room, I was in tears and shaking. They then tried to take my blood in this waiting room, which I refused to do so they took me to a private side room.

48hrs later I returned to have the feotus removed. I was given tablets to insert myself which would relax and open my cervix. I was told I would feel pain which could be mild / moderate / heavy, and if it got too much to call them and they would medicate me.

Around 2hrs later I was in terrible pain, and was having very fast and heavy contractions. They gave me 1000mg of paracetamol and 5mg of codeine - both of which had no affect.

Around 30mins after taking these drugs I was having heavy vomiting and diarrhoea and my husband called them to assist. Again they gave me 5mg of codeine - giving absolutely no relief. It was pathetic.

I was then left for another 30mins in agony when a kind nurse came in and said they would give me pethadine - but needed to give me a neuromuscular jab for this.

20mins later the Sister came in and said "you won't be having any pethadine, I don't want to running round my wards going doo-lally, you can have gas and air instead".

This gas and air did not arrive for two hours, by which point I had emptied my feotus into a bedpan in the toilet, as instructed. I was so exhausted, I had cried myself to sleep. I am not a weak willed or quiet person, I have to point out. I will speak out if I feel the need to complain. But my strength and voice was crippled by pain - it was dreadful. I was prepared for the termination but not being left to deal with the pain by myself.

Whatever your opinion on abortion, the way I was treated was unacceptable in any circumstance. My husband called and called and called for them to help, begging them to relieve me of the pain, but they always said they were too busy. I will never forget what happened, and just writing it down now fills my eyes. It breaks my heart other women go through this silently, like me, too ashamed to talk about it or seek help - not that any help is offered to you.

Shame on you NHS Nothallerton.

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