"Good Nurses"

(as other),

I am watching the 'Despatches' programme regarding nursing care and I want to comment as the husband of a nurse.

I am totally pissed off by the way everybody gets at nurses. Never forget that the NHS is run by accountants and politicians, who's only brief is to meet targets, not treat patients. My wife works permanent night shifts because she wants to nurse, not administer, or deal with ;'other shareholders' she is often left on her own for a 12 hour shift with two untrained auxillaries.

My message is that there are rotten apples in the barrel but the barrel is often rotten and corrupt. Let nurses Nurse and that nurses are human beings with feeling and can only do what they can do with limited resources.

This is a story that needs to be read between the lines. These 'nurses' are reporting the failings of supply and resources, let the managers go back to the floor and allow the nurses to speak openly without being disciplined and sacked.

They are the good guys on the front line who are doing their best yet they are the ones who always get the criticism.

You do not see the tears when my wife comes home bruised and battered, having done her best with limited or no resources, having the patients charter forced done her throat and shown no respect for her training and dedication to the patients.

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