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(as the patient),

This is our story....Please can you help us.

To whom may concern,

I am 26 years old. My partner is 42 years old.

My partner has a vasectomy at his GP's surgery when he was 26 years old. Due to his age at the time, GP only cut his tubes and pinned them back (did not remove any part of his tubes).

6 years ago my partner and I met. We are hoping to get married in the next couple of years.

My partner does not work at the moment due to problems in his back. I am a full time carer for my mum, however, we would love to set up our own business.

I got told from GP at the time that we could apply to the NHS trust and see if the trust would dot he reversal on the NHS for us.

I have no children. My partner feels responsible for both our sadness and depression, which we have both suffered from for the past few years. The only reason for our depression, is because we want a baby together.

The GP who told us about the trust, he told us nearly 3 years ago that he thought that we had a miscarriage. That messed our heads up, we couldn't understand how? why? or anything?

When we first started our relationship a few years ago, after a few months, my partners genital area went black, bruise like. He also appeared swollen and very painful. He could no longer feel his tubes on his left side like he could previously could. When we was able to have intercourse, he told me that on ejaculation it didn't feel right. A couple months after this, the same happened to right side. About a year after all this started, when having intercourse, again on ejaculation, he told me it didn't feel the same, not in a bad way but good, as this then and still to this day feels like it did before the original vasectomy. This is very confusing for us.

We might not understand everything about all this, but we do know a couple of things, which are:

1. We love and worship each other like there is no end to it.

2. We have a very strong relationship.

3. We want to have a family.

4. We will be brilliant parents.

5. I would be a good mum.

We understand that the cost of this procedure privately is very expensive and I doubt that we could afford that amount.

We need someone to give us a chance to be parents.

I don't know if we are emailing this to the right people or department or anything.

We just want someone to really help us on this one please.

Yours Sincerely

We have changed our names for privacy reasons.

Please could you send me an email back in reply to this please.

Please don't take the right of motherhood away from me.

Also, ive seen on the internet, that the nhs has saved something like £2 billion.

I have contacted the Wigan borough commissioning group, and the Manchester commissioning group they have both told me that this procedure is NOT funded by the NHS. Also, they mentioned something about getting my GP to do a extreme circumstances form, but told me its hardly unlikely we would get this due to, not having extreme case like death of child.

So, my partner made a huge mistake that his old GP did this in his GP office and didn't tell him NHS doesn't fund for reversals, even though the way he did it, is meant to be easier to reverse.

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