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husband collapsed early sat morning.it was snowing however the paramedics came out and were excellent. From then on the nightmare began.We were met by one junior doctor who was clearly stressed and he didn't know whay was going on.My husband was put into a corridor (he was unconscious) was given oxygen and left from 7.15am until 5.30 pm. he was not scanned for a stroke within the required 4 hours.i returned back to the hospital at around 5pm where he was still in the same position.There were no staff to be seen eventually a temporary nurse rushed past and told me that my husband could not be scanned (it was too late anyway) because someone had vomited in the scanner. There seemed to be 3 or 4 infections in virtually every ward. i asked if my husband could be scanned in Gloucester but was told that was not possible. i asked what had happened to my husband.The temporary nurse "didn't know" and the junior Doctor was nowhere to be seen. another temporary nurse came along and told me to "go home " as there was nothing i could do and to come back tomorrow. The next day my husband was in the same corridor-still unconscious and there was a strange smell around him. A temporary nurse said "thats what happens with a stroke" I asked how they knew he had had a stroke and she replied that there "was nothing on the CT scan" .another temporary nurse then told me that my husband had not been scanned. For the next 4 days my husband was put into 5 different wards as each one was infected and there were no visible attempts to deal with these infections. Days later I learned my husband had been left in his faeces for 4 days.I only discovered this when he regained consciousness.During the end of his first week at Cheltenham General -he was put into a mixed ward, where his water was out of reach (behind his head) and he begged me to bring him food. He lost 2.4 stone in3 weeks- he was starving. i begged the staff (2 nurses who eventually deemed to turn up for work at the end of the first week) to tell me what was wrong with my husband.One of them managed to tear her head away from her computer for a minute and told me "they didnt' know". I looked at some notes on the end of his bed and someone had written" stroke?" I then went back to the staff and asked to see a Doctor or a Consultant -not an unreasonable request in a hospital, I thought, however they seemed to think I was being difficult. I was told in no uncertain terms that the Consultant was too busy to come in as he had to pick his children up from School,and i would have to make an appointment with my own GP and then the Consultant might be able to see us in 8 weeks! I was devastated. My husband was paralysed , could barely speak and they thought it perfectly acceptable that we could wait until their staff felt like seeing us. The hospital was in a disgusting state, a man in my husband's ward got out of bed and unrinated on the floor in front of my daughters, and two other ladies in the ward. all the wards were

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