"Lack of caring or understanding from a nurse left..."

About: The Royal London Hospital

I went to A&E with post op complications (possible infection), the staff saw me quickly and were great. That night I was admitted to ward 8b. The nurses there were originally good understanding that I also have bipolar. However they didn't seem to be able to obtain the meds for my mental health or call my sis to bring them in. They also tried to tell me I didn't know my meds or doses. That night got worse, I started having severe anxiety and wanted to go home to my sister (my carer) I was in floods of tears made worse by my not having any meds for bipolar. The nurse accused me of starting trouble and attention seeking early on her night shift when all I wanted was to go home. She dismissed my explanation of being bipolar and suggested I might need sectioning. I spoke to the doctor who saw i had normal bp, temperature and decent blood glucose. He explained why he felt I should stay and I reasoned my case no arguing etc, he said he understood that my anxiety was an issue and that while he didn't agree, he knew I had other health conditions and if I felt uncomfortable I would be less likely to get well. The nurse on the other hand was still treating me with disrespect, didn't believe I had called home, double checked my sister was my carer despite it being on the notes, said she hadn't heard of my psychiatrist before so didn't think I would be telling the truth, tried to give me a sedation drug that puts you to sleep when mixed with the pain killer I was on before the doctor arrived (something my gp warned me about on certain meds I take) and even said she wanted to double check me for sectioning if my sister wasn't on board with my decision to self discharge like I had told her she was. She made me feel like I am not capable of making my own decisions because I have bipolar disorder. She showed no understanding but rather an ignorance towards mental health and to accuse me of attention seeking left me mortified as I am not that type of person. The discharge information on my paper didn't cover it accurately and my sister is furious that I was made to feel this way by one nurse. I was glad to leave 8b.

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