About: The Royal London Hospital

The Fracture Clinic is grossly understaffed. First you have to queue to report in and wait and wait to see a nurse/registrar that just punches in your details on a PC and then says "you need an x-ray". Then you queue to report to the X-ray reception, and then wait and wait and wait until you're called in for an x-ray that takes no more than 3 minutes. There are only two X-ray machines with two people operating them in this clinic to handle scores of people that are all advised to turn up at a same-time appointment. Then - when that's done - you have to again wait and wait and wait to see the doctor/surgeon. After that - guess what - you again have to wait and wait to have a cast applied/removed - because there is only one person doing them. When you go through the doors to where the offices and treatment rooms are, it's like a ghost town because there's hardly anyone there doing anything. And yet there's hoards of people waiting for hours outside. They asked me when they took my cast off that I should come back and see a hand therapist. My reply: you have got to be joking! Wait another 3 hours just for a doctor me how to exercise my wrist when I can easily get loads of examples online? In total, I have waited over 9 hours for 2 x 3 minute xrays, 2 x 5 minute consultations, a cast application + removal. I never ever want to go back to this joke of a hospital again. 38 solid years of paying national insurance - I wish I just decided not to pay it, invested it and I would have had thousands and thousands to pay for decent, efficient private medical treatment. Rubbish service.

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