"Total disrespect by the admissions personnel"

About: Bmi - The Beaumont Hospital

Arrived in plenty of time... approached the reception, l explained why I was there, so far so good!... the receptionist phone some other personnel in the building to take me to a swab testing cubicle... 5 minuets later job done, now handed paperwork to fill in and then told to go wait in the main reception area and someone will come see you shortly (well over an hour I waited) at this point I don't see any different from the Royal Bolton NHS! When my name was call I promptly followed the nurse into a interview room, less than 5 minuets into the consultation a Doctor walked in without knocking and started to talk to the nurse about another patients case notes, after about 7 minuets the doctor left in the same way they came in saying sorry about that as he disappeared down the corridor (and there's me thinking they'd got no manners) The nurse then picked up from where they'd left off scrutinising the details on the form, they started to question me about certain illnesses, two in particular, they picked up on diabetes and anaemia... So how are you treating your diabetes? "I only got diagnosed recently and no medication was prescribed, so its just my diet, that is what I'm told to watch!" ok.. they said, moving swiftly on... why are you anaemic? "no idea, I just am, my Dr's at Stonehill Medical Centre have done loads of tests and still haven worked out why I'm anaemic! Ok... right well, I'm sorry to tell you your not suitable for surgery on this occasion! This should of been a "walk in, walk out" procedure, however, the Nurse had other ideas, when I showed my disbelief and contempt for their decision, they said, I'll go and check with another department... I was left in the room form about 4 minuets before they returned with "yeah, they are saying basically the same as me" (well there's a surprise) you'll have to get your diabetes under control first! your Dr's will advise you as to whether you need tables or insulin! (I have been advised and I don't need either!) you was told several times during the interview they were clearly not listening! and as for your anaemia they said, you do look pail (no way dose skin colour determine anyone's haemoglobin levels, only a blood test can determine that!) and mine incidentally seem to be returning to normal, things are looking good! These two illnesses do not in there own right exclude me from the procedure... my own Dr's have all told me I was good to go! Whilst at The Beaumont Hospital I was not given an option to talk to a Doctor or a specialist whilst I was there, the nurse had made their own mind up and that was it!, Four Doctors say no problem John, your good to go, and one ignorant nurse overrides them because they couldn't or wouldn't listen. I feel I was not treated with the respect or dignity I expected from The Beaumont Hospital... If and when I get my new appointment I will stay with the Royal Bolton

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