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About: Newham General Hospital

Really shocked that a female patient is expected to happily feel comfortable with a male Doctor/nurse/radiographer/carer! especially when she needs care in the gynaecological, pelvic or breast areas! All female patients should be given the right to be seen by a female doctor, as women are not a minority in the medical field! Religion aside, this is my personal preference and choice and I know it is the same for lots of females even those of no faith! We should not be made to feel bad if we only want to be seen by a female! We pay our taxes and this is our right! Staff should not be surprised if we request this and neither should they cut their eyes or make us feel bad, or speak to us in a rude disrespectful manner. If some female patients don't mind being seen by a male professional, then that's all good and well and I respect their choice. So likewise the choice of those of females who do not wish to show our special parts, or any body parts to a strange man (however nice and professional he his), should be fully supported, respected and provided for! Likewise if men only want to be seen by male doctors and not any female, then their request should be respected too. Especially in places like Newham which are so beautifully diverse and tolerant and their are ample professionals of both genders!!. Whether women which to have a female doctor, for personal, religious, cultural or for whatever reason, they should not be mistreated for it! Infact when issuing appointments the hospital should ensure that both male and female doctors are available on appointment days, as not to send patients back, thus further delaying their appointment! Or better still maybe you can introduce a same-sex clinic, where females who request so, come on a certain day to be seen by female only doctors/nurses, and men who request so, come on a day where the clinic is by male only doctors. Similar to same-sex wards! An on a last note, I have heard that in some departments especially the maternity and Radiology depts., the staff have been very impolite and rude to patients wanting female doctors. The person at the reception from the maternity wing entrance is not very friendly and upon observation I note makes no eye-contact or selective amounts! Same for the person in radiology, who has very poor customer service and patient skills! no eye contact, no smile, not friendly, rude tone of voice and cold!

Story from NHS Choices

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