"My GP and endocrinologist won't diagnose my thyroid condition"

About: Medway Maritime Hospital / Endocrinology

(as the patient),

I have been seeing my GP for the last 15 years with symptoms of hypothyroidism. My mother was hypothyroid. I have been told that it was my age, depression, stress etc., The thyroid blood tests all came back as 'normal' and despite my GP saying that my signs and symptoms were indicative of hypothyroidism, nothing was done for me.

Eventually in desperation I went to see a private thyroid and metabolic specialist who diagnosed hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. The subsequent tests confirmed his diagnosis. I started on adrenal support and then on Armour thyroid. I am now taking Armour, T3 and hydrocortisone.

After I saw the private doctor I took the results of the tests to my GP. My GP did not regard them as being of any importance despite one test showed that my T3 was under range. My GP sent me for another blood test and this came back as 'normal'.

I was worried that my hypothyroidism was not on my NHS medical records and asked to be seen by an endocrinologist at my local hospital. On the first visit I gave him an A4 sheet of paper full with all my signs and symptoms. On the second appointment with him he said I did not have a thyroid problem and discharged me. All my letters to him asking him to tell me why he discharged me and did not take into account my signs and symptoms and private test results were ignored.

As I received no satisfactory answers from him, I made a complaint to the hospital and asked for copies of my medical notes and test results.

When I received copies of the thyroid scan it showed that I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. And yet the endocrinologist said I did not have a thyroid problem. His letter to my GP said I was suffering from anxiety and depression. (Anxiety is an adrenal fatigue symptom and depression is a HypoT symptom.)

I am absolutely disgusted that I have had no diagnosis of my hypothyroidism for nearly 15 years. I am disgusted that I have had to live with the almost debilitating symptoms of HypoT for almost 15 years. I am disgusted that I have been treated like a silly woman for almost 15 years.

I am disgusted that I have been regarded as being an hypochondriac by my GP for almost 15 years. I am disgusted that my GP and a thyroid 'specialist' at the hospital are not able to see and understand the symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism. I am disgusted that the GP and endocrinologist only diagnose on blood tests. I am disgusted that I have still not been given an NHS diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I am disgusted that I am having to pay more money than I can afford for thyroid medication to allow me have a quality of life that the NHS are denying me.

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