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My grandson has been an in-patient for 5 weeks, not living in Manchester his mum, pregnant with her third child, and 3 year old sister are resident in the Ronald McDonald House. I have visited on many occasions to find the floors dirty, the cot bars dusty, and dust on the overhead tv's. I was disgusted and immediately complained, the floor was mopped that night but the dusting has yet to be done. Until my grandsons treatment is complete I cannot comment on the expertise of the surgeon but the nursing aftercare is atrocious. Feeds not given correctly or on time, nurses supposedly caring for my grandson not being able to be found on the ward for long periods of time, being told there are more serious patients to be tended to, nurses not knowing how to change his nappy and asking my daughter how to do it, my grandson left for long periods crying. Parents of other children are having to text my daughter to advise her what is happening as she has to leave the ward to feed, bath and get her 3 year old to bed, which, due to the lack of nursing care for my grandson is not happening some nights until after 7.00pm which would normally be her bedtime but sometimes the child has not even had her tea by then, and there is no provision on the ward for a meal for her. Due to my daughter being pregnant she too should be eating regularly but continually has to skip meals. Many other parents have similar complaints and I have only touched the surface with ours. We contacted PALS who referred us to a modern matron, we explained the problems and she assured us things would change as she would speak to the staff. She mentioned in the conversation that this is a 'teaching hospital', I have yet to work out the relevance of that statement. Whilst we understand that staffing levels fluctuate due to holidays and illness which puts pressure on the working staff, we do not appreciate being told there are children more important than ours, our children are precious to us. I am saddened to say the least that this is our NHS. Nursing used to be a vocation, and to some nurses still is, sadly others see it as paid employment, what a shame. The ward number and names have been withheld due to a formal complaint being made and all incidents have been logged by myself and my daughter. I hope this review is read by the people who can rectify these problems, it may be too late for us as hopefully only have another week but may help the ones who will follow.

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Response from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments on the NHS Choices website regarding your grandson’s care at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

We apologise for the delay in acknowledging your comments; unfortunately there was a significant delay in receiving notification of your posting on the NHS Choices website and being able to respond to you. We can assure you that our Patient Experience Team are currently investigating the reason for the delay.

We were very sorry to receive your comments and concerns, and to hear that your experience during your grandson’s stay at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital was so poor. You have explained that the detail of your concerns was being dealt with through the complaints process and we hope the response from the Chief Executive has provided answers and reassurance to you about actions taken to make improvements. As part of the complaint investigation process concerns are shared with staff involved, and your post has been shared with the Senior Team at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The Patient Experience Team

Central Manchester University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

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