"Fantastic experience with CUH Maternity Services!"

About: Croydon University Hospital / Maternity

I had my second daughter in April 2014 at CUH and had a truly wonderful experience. I was a VBAC patient, so went straight to Labour Ward, and didn't even have to wait long for an epidural. My midwife and student midwife had to leave a few hours after I arrived because they were changing shifts; I was disappointed because they were so wonderful. However, my next midwife was absolutely amazing. Friendly and helpful, and always asking to make sure my c-section scar from my first child wasn't causing my any pain. She kept us informed and answered all our questions. She was a perfect balance of staying with us and being really friendly, yet still giving us some space/relaxation time whilst I was progressing through labour. When it was time to push, there were a lot of people in the room, but everyone was incredible - paediatricians, nurses, and the obstetrician who delivered my daughter. I really felt supported - like a great coaching team! - by all the staff when I had to push, and throughout the delivery. I only had to spend one night in hospital (Mary Ward), and all the staff there were also incredible. Even the tea/dinner lady was great! The only complaint I have is that it took ages to get discharged, but this was because the IT department had messed something up and the midwifery staff couldn't print my papers - they were as frustrated as I was, so it's not their fault, but IT's problem. I also want to commend the specialist VBAC midwife, who saw me throughout my pregnancy and gave great advice about the pros and cons of VBAC versus a repeat cesarean. She was supportive and objective, and ultimately it was her guidance that made me feel comfortable enough to consider VBAC. Thank you to everyone who cared for my daughter and me!

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