"Heavy handed and lead footed - my concerns about Levothyroxine"

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(as the patient),

I want to raise a concern, not just for myself but for thousands of other people. I am hypothyroid and I find Levothyroxine useless to me, it doesn't work at all. I am left suffering, my hair falling out, in constant pain, weight gain with nothing to stop it, bad skin, headaches, tired, cold and despondent. I found an Endocrinologist who said I might be better on Armour thyroxine, which has a combination of thyroid hormones. Well, I was skeptical but within a few days I felt better, within a few months I felt I had my life back.

Now? Now I find that the Royal College of Physicians, the British Thyroid Foundation / British Thyroid Association are colluding to get doctors and endocrinologists to stop prescribing my medication. Why? Well they don't think that the Levothyroxine doesn't work for me, not that they've done any tests, clinical trials, consulted with patients, or have any MEDICAL reasons to back this up, they have just arbitrarily decided.

I saw my endocrinologist yesterday and he asked me what I thought about it, I replied that I would rather die than go back to being so ill and unable to do anything, I had NO quality of life, I could barely get out of bed in the mornings I was in so much pain.

What if this was adopted across the board? Only one medication for high blood pressure, if it doesn't work for you, tough. One medication for cancer, if it doesn't work for you, tough. Sound silly? Too right! Why then would any doctor or Endocrinologist in their right mind assume that everyone's hormone system is exactly the same as everyone else’s and responds in exactly the same way?

So I am posting here in the hope that someone with some common sense will realise that just one medication cannot suit everyone and is maybe in a position to offer some support to the outcry from patients members of forums and sufferers sites who stand to lose their whole lives if their right to the best medication FOR THEM is withdrawn.

There are thousands like me, either taking Armour or a T3 supplement to Levothyroxine that gives them massive benefits. How dare you try to boycott medication that has passed NICE and has been proved to be very effective in over 100 years of use in this country, grandfathered through the rigorous American health system and was the medication of choice before the nasty, cheap, synthetic T4 came on the market. Which I might add has had more questions about its quality than Armour ever has!

Do the math as the Americans say, and when you have done several years of clinical trials and realised that T3 and Armour WORKS for a large number of people, then you can come back and apologize for leaving people ill, despairing and having their right to a decent quality of life dismissed out of hand!

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