"Class distinction between doctors and nurses"

About: North Manchester General Hospital

I am currently on ward C5 being treated for gall bladder with complications Why is it doctors think they are little gods always right and if they look wrong they more or less call you lier I enter down to radiation for a special drain robe put in after complaining of being in agony for 4 days they finally did itv Back on the ward the doctors cane round and there was that much fluid in the drain it was measured out and emptied 480ml The doctor more or less called me a lire saying they hadn't done it So I asked the sister who was at my bed and And she said yes it had and filled up again as quick back on the wars A litre of bile has been drained off and it's still draining Today the same doctors came round asked how I was and what was the drainage yesterday The lady doctor said she didn't believe the answer she was given So that is calling the nurse a liar I thought class distinction had gone and all staff I'm NHS were equal Not from what I've seen today My nursing angels have been fantastic It had to be proven by drainage results to the doctors I certainly saw the distinction as though I am the wizard of oz and grant you 2 mins but what you say we don't believe unless we do it I will be complaining of the class distinction and how I was made out to be making things up And same for the sister Doctors should realise it's the nurses holding up the main frame of the NHS not them I am disgusted at the doctors attitudes here And it will be carried on I don't care if they don't see me Again I felt like a piece of something caught on the peripheral of their vision and I had no right to be there The nurses are brilliant 24/7 and work under extreme pressure and short staffed Doctors stroll around like little gods My 100% of confidence and faith on the NHS goes to the nurses

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