"I applaud what they do"

(as the patient),

I went to the Tewkesbury hospital A & E.

I had an accident at home in the middle of the night, whilst getting a glass of water. I had a look the next day, it was a bit sore.

I hate burdening the resources of this wonderful national institution, which is still the envy of most of the world. I had a nasty cut or two on my hand. I was attended to within 10 mins. probably less.

The care was superb, courteous, and as one would expect very, very professional. We hear nothing but but bad press in the news papers, and on T. V. about this wonderful institution.

I for one am very grateful, and very proud of the service provided, on a Sunday, with no notice, and from what I have heard these wonderful professional people, work for not a great financial reward.

How lucky am I. How lucky are we. Far too many take this service, and them for granted, as some god given right. I for one are very grateful, an applaud what they do, and are very appreciative.

Thank you.

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