"When I ask for help I get told I have to do it myself "

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(as a service user),

I have been under the leeds mental health trust for 6 years now but in the last year I have had difficult time with my care team at millside cmht about extra support when I need it I find it very hard to told to CRT because they just see my illness not me as a person and they say people with bpd do not need ics or Becklin.

when I contact my worker I find and feel like they don't want to talk to me. I have been in Becklin and ics a couple of time over the years but I find that I always end up in because non of my problems have really been dealt with now they have built up so much I don't know where to deal with them. I have ask and one time I spoke to to a doctor but nothing come from it like nothing come from any meeting

I want to change and get better but I find that the staff have given up on me I have ask a few time to see if could be sent to a bpd hospital to get all the treatment I need like therapy and dbt and still be able to say stay because if I have this me been at home I will end up self harming badly. the cmht know all this but they still just leave me

the way thing are I am sick of staff in the trust having a negative thought of me because I have been in the trust for years

I am sorry I felt have gone on a bit but it just get me mad when you ask for help and all you get told that nothing works with you just like someone writing you off for good

thank you


Response from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for your feedback.

We are sorry to hear of your experience and we are always keen to try and learn from these.

For us to try and put things right it is useful for us to have more specific information. To do this we would value the opportunity to talk with you face to face.

If you would like to contact us then please contact us through PALS (tel: 0800 0525790) and we can have a better look at your experience.

Lisa Hardisty, Mick Downey, Claire Patten

Clinical Leads East/North East CMHT

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