About: Newham General Hospital

The last night I went to the Newham hospital as I'm pregnant and had really bad pain on the bottom of my belly. Been looking for the right place approximately 30 mins as half of hospital been closed, particularly the main entrances. Later on, been waiting for nurse to check my blood pressure and for another 40 minutes. As soon as she has finished the receptionist has started playing his own language music. As all of us sitting down there was European you should know how it felt. On top of it few minutes later midwife has called 4 ladies at once so there left myself and another 2 ladies it was about 10:30 pm. Later on the lady came with bad contractions, she was there sitting down, shouting and crying for another half an hour till she got called while 3 of us still waiting to be seen. The time came up to 12 am and there came another lady with contractions, but she hasn't been looked after for 20 minutes, even she was begging for the bed. However atleast there left me and only 1 other lady to be seen. My self I was waiting since 9:30 to 12:30 when I've decided to go home as they don't take care of none of us. Then I've tried to take my book and one of nurse hasn't given it back to, by pulling book out of my hands, shouting at me, calling me stupid. I've fallen to the panic as this is not normal at all, at the same time I got really high risk to loose my baby because of the operation I had couple years ago. She said the only one midwife that was working there doesn't care so I have to shut up, sit down and wait for her. Then she tried to complain to her colleague at the reception that we're mad and she thinks we shouldn't go to the hospital anyway if we'll complain. In another 15 mins, about 12:50 the midwife came to the reception and the nurse tried to give her my book but all she says "I ain't got time for her, it will be better if she'll go home" and started looking to me like it was my fault for everything.

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