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(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

These are the latest comments from our Service Users that have been fed back to us as part of the Patient Experience Questionnaires:

PEQ: CBT has been a fabulous experience getting to the root of my issues. Lucy has at all times been professional, informative yet relaxed which helps me enormously. I feel confident that I can deal with any future problems. Thank you Rightsteps.

PEQ: I left the experience a different person, I finally felt that I could address situations that caused me great anxiety by using the strategies learned. I didn't think it would have made a difference it has to me, but it has.

PEQ: Really pleased with the service offered. Really helped me and took effect quickly. Therapist made me feel at ease and didn't judge.

PEQ: All the information gained can be used again and again if required, I certainly feel much better with the support given over 5 weeks. The relaxation CD is brilliant. Thank you.

PEQ: Good group session on Stress Management.

PEQ: I found Mark very helpful he learnt me to look at things in a different way which made me more confident about myself and looking forward to the future.

PEQ: The overall experience was very helpful, with a big thank you to Mark for listening and helping to see things clearly.

PEQ: Good quality counselling and excellent courses available.

PEQ: I'm happy with your service and I'm a lot happy now.

PEQ: Your service helped me, get through a difficult patch, and was there when my own work place couldn't give me support that I needed, because the waiting list was so long.

PEQ: The 6 week course helped me understand how to help myself recover and I felt my confidence and self esteem grow week by week.

PEQ: Loved every minute. Learned more about the Chronic Pain cycle and about new ways, methods and balancing everyday tasks. I am now putting pacing into practice day by day to help make life easier. Thank you for allowing me to take part.

PEQ: It helped me understand how I needed to deal with the problem before it happens rather than coping with it when/if it happened. Just talking helped me a lot.

PEQ: I found everyone involved with me to be really friendly and helpful. Thank you.

PEQ: The service helped me get my life back on track. It made me realise that here are many more options in life other than the obvious. Giving me back my confidence and self worth!

PEQ: Although my issues were probably not as intense as some peoples I felt I was about to tipple off the edge but speaking to Claire made me realise they were valid issues and I deserved to be listened to - feel brilliant.

PEQ: I really appreciated the help and support given to me by my Counsellor Claire. I would say that without my sessions with her I would be feeling a lot worse than I am now. I feel that Rightsteps provides a valuable service to people.

PEQ: My therapist was very nice and I like her very much. Very well.

PEQ: Excellent.

PEQ: Helped me a lot. Group sessions a good idea for me. Unfortunately due to a delayed start date, when I was at my worst, I had to seek help elsewhere.

PEQ: All the information provided and the talking therapy were extremely helpful.

PEQ: I can’t praise everyone enough I was treated by true professional Alan I can’t thank you enough.

Compliment – I am so happy with all the help I have received at Rightsteps I dread to think of where I would be now had I not self admitted. I have felt welcome from start to finish and never been made to feel like I am time wasting or being a pain. It’s been great having someone to just mainly listen to how I feel and not judge me but to help me see things from a different perspective. I am just so very grateful for everyone’s support especially Alison and Clare. Thank you.

PEQ: I found sessions useful but I still have a long way to go even after I have finished 20 sessions.

PEQ: My meetings with Mark were very helpful. He was caring and understanding at all times a good counsellor who helped me to initially understand, and then adopt the strategies to help me with my problems.

PEQ: Very positive experience. All staff involved in service very professional and helpful. Only issue for me is length of time it takes to get initial appointment following referral.

PEQ: Sarah the Therapist was very understanding and sympathetic to my problem, it is just very complex and I feel needs specialist help.

PEQ: From the first time I walked in to leaving I was treated with care and respect. I was a broken man. Everyone listened and cared. Mark was a great Man. Sat and helped me through my difficult time. Always a smile on his face. I can move forward again thanks to Mark and Turning Point.

PEQ: Following PN-Depression was offered therapy via Rightsteps would advise all in similar position to initiate treatment. Hard work but sense of achievement huge. Realised made massive difference to confidence. My Therapist was excellent.

PEQ: This experience has helped me understand I'm not alone in how I think and behave, made me address things, I am not always willing to talk about, but been in a group with others going through similar things helped me to see things in a different way. Lucy was a great Therapist.

PEQ: Gail is a fantastic therapist. I felt listened to and respected. The one thing I would say is I wish I had a couple more sessions, but that is certainly nothing against Gail. I totally understand the need for time limited therapy within your service above all I really appreciated the help I received.

PEQ: I had the best experience, and the greatest help with Alan he made things a lot clearer and gave me useful tools to help me, he listened to each problem I had and helped me understand them fully

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