"Ways in which the NHS can improve"

About: Doncaster Royal Infirmary / General surgery

(as the patient),

These are the things I believe can be improved in the NHS:

• Most importantly the prevention of politics in health care.

• Also, to stop staff mistreating patients, discriminating and to accept people in pain need more time. They need to be more careful of the side effects of drugs and how this can cause more harm than good.

• I believe the privacy of people's medical records from others who may misuse or treat a person badly because of unfair comment made by NHS staff. Jealousy for instance in terms of a patients property.

• There should be a cut in unnecessary treatment trips to surgery.

• The NHS needs to understand that people don't walk or drive at the same speed and taxis often get held up. Therefore, occasional lateness is not so important. They should ban unsafe medicines and test people for sensitivity.

• Mistakes should be treated and compensated earlier to stop sabotaging peoples lives and manipulating them!

• Class discrimination needs to be avoided as we are all important. This will help to stop bullying and intimidation. So staff should stop their double standards. They should prevent age discrimination and discrimination against the unemployed.

• People don't like speaking to machines so there is definitely a need for a more human led approach.

• Lastly, staff should prevent theft of patients' belongings particularly with carers. They need to stop financial abuse by businesses and exploitation by banning more harmful chemicals.

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