"I feel the facts leading to my anxiety are not being taken seriously"

About: North East London NHS Foundation Trust / Adult mental health

(as the patient),

I've been a victim of a racist attack at an NHS clinic, I've made a complaint and it's being dealt with by North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

It has destroyed my life I've had an anxiety attack called an ambulance got referred to social services who tried to blame it all on my past divorce and accuse my ex husband of abusing the children

There is a discussion going on at the moment about whether I should be referred to primary or secondary services and I do not feel that the racist attacks are being taken seriously enough in assessing my situation. I do not want to be stuck with the wrong or unnecessarily intrusive service. Naturally I'm anxious again and anxiety seems to be why am I in this mess in the first place.

I refuse to be infantilised by the SS or mental health services. I've emailed IAPT as well as Waltham Fores IAPT, I asked the person dealing with my complaint to contact them too but since I'm so anxious and it took forever to get to the right complaints department following the attack in the first place I've no confidence that the right people will have all the facts when deciding on my or my family's future.

I'm not a native speaker and if I wasn't so determined and my English wasn't proficient or if I did not have such good research skills my complaint would have got lost in the system I would have given up, suffered an anxiety attack anyway and since I'd never be able to express what was wrong I feel my life would have been destroyed. I used to work with illiterate women in Brixton who were unable to speak English at all. I'd hate to think what would have happened to me following a racist attack and being unable to have a say in my life following the authorities getting involved in the event of me suffering an anxiety attack.

Please make sure that whoever has meetings about my treatment in the mental health services gets the information about the attacks I've been subjected to as I do not feel they are being taken seriously. The person assessing me at Leytonstone could not believe that a member of NHS staff could behave in such a manner. I do fear and I'm anxious that the facts that led to my anxiety attack are not being taken seriously.

I'm not making a complaint about my assessor she seems to be very competent but I've no access to my records and I'm anxious about the events that led to me calling an ambulance 'getting lost in translation'

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