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About: Chase Farm Hospital / Trauma and orthopaedics

(as a relative),

While there are some decent caring nurses on Chase farm rehabilitation, the vast majority are plainly rude and uncaring. Anything I have requested for my mother is met with a sigh and dismissive manner. My mother is frequently ignored by staff when she rings her bell for assistance and is left totally ignored when requesting to go to the toilet. I was told they are too busy, and that I'd have to do it. I'm told my mother rings her bell too much (she has had a major brain bleed).

I'm met with her crying everyday because she's scared to call the nurses for fear of them moaning at her. One nurse told my mother to shut up, and then when we complained said my mother was manipulative.

From what I have seen, they do everything to make their lives easier. I am made to feel a nuisance if I ask for a spoon or a fork or, in fact, anything! I literally hate going there and I fear for the recovery of patients, it is anything but a calm and happy atmosphere to recover in.

I continuously hear arguments between staff members and general bickering amongst the nurses.

I have found that it's a horrible experience to have a relative in there, as you can not relax and know they are being cared for or treated correctly.

Some professional training needs to take place.

Also someone from senior management needs to go undercover to see exactly what goes on.

If indeed senior management actually care.

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