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About: Whipps Cross University Hospital

A relative is an inpatient on one of the wards. I have witnessed the truly uncaring nature of some of the nurses on the ward not just towards my relative but other patients too. Take for instance a fellow patient had had an operation, his wound started to bleed leaving his dressing caked in blood it was also seeping out and running down his body, he was obviously in discomfort and pressed his buzzer. After 5 minutes or more no one came to his assistance, despite the fact there were at least 3 or more nurses?? standing just outside the door talking. My husband went outside to tell them that this patient was bleeding and after a tutt of her teeth one of them came in , looked at the patient and without a word went off again tutting her teeth. She did not hurry and in fact another 5 minutes later she appeared with a dressing, pulled the curtain around the patient without even addressing him!! No smile ,no reassurance , in fact I would say by not talking and with the the I cant be bothered look on her face , I would say she was nothing but arrogant and rude in her actions, Truly appalling. Regards to my relation' a person' came to check his blood pressure, I say a person because he didn't indroduce himself or explain what he was going to do. He just grunted and took my relations arm , at no time did he speak to my relation, smile or show any emotion at all, other than appearing to be so put out and that everything was too much trouble for him. I witnessed the so called cleaning of a bed by a member of staff, she took the dirty sheets off following a patients discharge, put them on the bottom of the bed, sprayed the top of the bed with an 'antibacterial' lifted the dirty sheets to clean under them and then dumped the dirty sheets back on the bed!! she did not clean the underside of the matteress, she did not clean the bars or headboard or the sides. She than sat in the chair blowing her nose and coughing and spluttering next to a very sick bedridden man! The food that is being served up to patients is not fit for human consumption ! Jacket potatoes that have been re-heated so many times the skin is dry and peeling off, omelettes that are served up cold and something in a fish shaped breadcrumb that is dry and hard, all in foil trays. Where are the nutrients in that? What happened to proper dinners , meat vegetables,etc. Have they not heard of 5 a day? My relative has not eaten a thing since being in hospital and is relying on what we, his family can bring in for him. Totally appalling. He and many of the patients on his ward have lost weight. Its disgusting. I say bring back the Matrons!

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