"after bad experience at wgh i was reluctant to go..."

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after a previous ectopic in 2006 where i heard my babys heart beat and got a scan before i had to had to have op which was torture(i was childless),had an awful experience was told to shut up and what am i crying for,i was left which seemed like days on nil by mouth whilst others took priority.i deteriorated and went down to threate.they promised id concieve again or theyd do ivf themselves was their words...rubbish! scared stiff as it was my first time in hospital and having an op i felt like an animal at a cattle market,disgraceful care to the point i looked into legal advice and solicitor was involved! in aug 2013 i fell pregnant and was concerned as was already told my tube was blocked via lap and saline i had so here we go again,i see a female consultant who laughed in my face as i told her this was ectopic,all pains in leg and left side,brown blood,tender upon scanning again left side all top signs anyway she refused to give the mx telling me they dont do abortions at wgh what? they already said baby was of unknown location with very slow rises in hcg(no doubles).anyway i had to face this horrid woman(who already knew i had pts from 2006ish).she was awful.i said i was scared for my life again her reply was "people dont die from ectopics no more" laughing with her trainee about it.she was a complete joke!!.i had to wait til she went on annual leave before i had methotrexate(mx) as all others said i should have it but she called the shots! Supriseeee i was right it was indeed an ectopic.the mx worked but i had leg pain for 9 solid months and flicking pain in left side.i was put on tramadol,dehydracodein and tuns of other meds to cope with pain finally i got an appointment with consultant and fantastic.... I get my date for op pushed forward as gp faxed to say it was urgent.i was under another consultants care...Wow what a lovely caring considerate man he is.i was petrified after previous care recieved there.he was amazing.he explained everything.took both tubes(properly)as a stump was left from other op that should have been taken! he did an amazing job.even did my massive ovarian cyst and i managed to keep my ovaries.via lap.i owe my life to the consultant.hes the one who restored my faith in this hospital.he even rang me to make sure all was ok when i had concerns after the trainee doctor mistyped my discharge summery as having both ovaries out which caused me so much destress when i rang my gp to ask about ivf to be told no as i have no ovaries.i was a mess,he rang me personally to say all was ok and so sweet he wrote a letter of apology to gp for distress it caused me as i have no children.well he did his magic because im pregnant! i have now asked i only see him as hes the only one who has restored my faith and i trust this man with my life.im still scared to go back but knowing i have him has put my mind at total ease.the rest welllll they should be working in a freezer store,they was so cold,lacked compassion and just wanted me out

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