"Ante-Natal Care Needs looking at"

About: Whipps Cross University Hospital

I had chosen to have my antenatal care at Whipps Cross because it was recommended by a friend who'd recently given birth there. As I am just outside the catchment area for community midwives I have all my anrtnatal care at the hospital. My booking appt went smoothly. The MW was excellent and I wish I could have kept her throughout. First problems arose when the sonographer couldn't get the NT measurements at my 12week scan. I wasn't given any further info on what will happen next other than the MW will do some bloods at 16wks. No info, nothing about what these bloods will be, will my child have Downs? Nothing! I paid privately to have the appropriate scan done. Next disappointment - at my 16wk ANC appt the whole place was in choas! I arrived 20 mins early for my appt to be told take a tkt (a new system which had been introduced). My tkt said 309, the number on the screen said 87! My appt was in 20 mins time! By chance a MW called out my name and I somehow jumped the queue. Unfortunately she wasn't able to book me in and the 'helpful' receptionist told her to wait till my number was called! So my antenatal appt was conducted with the door open so everyone in the waiting room could listen in. Next the same MW was unable to access the computer to get blood test results and had to phone the lab... who were only able to give her half of the results. When i queried one of the blood tests i was told to have them taken again. Fine ok, except she couldn't work out how to order this blood test. I ended up telling what to do look for and how to order the test! (I work in the NHS). Next she couldn't get the blood label printer to work, so again I had to tell her how to do that. None of this was filling me with any confidence in this MWs ability. I had few queries about the pregnancy so far and mainly wanted reassurance about a few things. Instead I was told to go toy GP. Lastly (the icing on the cake) this MW refused to listen in to the feral heart because I was 15+5wk and not 16wks! Could someone please explain what the differnece of 9hours was going to make on this MW being able to hear the fetal heart. In total she left the room 8 times for various reasons none of which I'm fully sure about. I can categorically say that none of the 6 Cs were evident during these last two hospital visits. The MW who saw me in the antenatal clinic wasn't aware I actually work in O&G at a different hospital, and therefore realise a lot of her inability to do things was because of her own lack of experience and incompetence. Every step of the way I've had to supplement my antenatal care with private antenatal care because I had very little confidence in my MW or the sonographer. I feel sorry for those who can't afford to go private are left with such a substandard level of care. We are considering other hospitals but with so many failing maternity units locally we're left stuck between a rock and a hard place!!

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