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"Looks nice, friendly staff but slightly chaotic."

About: Purley War Memorial Hospital

I was referred to the MCATS clinic, given an appointment time, came down and I was seen really quickly. Very nice hospital. Very clean. After my consultation the consultant told me to head round for an X Ray and it was nearly 5 om so they should still be open. When I got to reception I was told that it was closed , so I handed in my form and left. Two days later I receive a call from the consultant asking me why I didn't have my xray. I explained that I was told that it was closed. She said that i needed to come back any time to get the appointment done ASAP. I was told I could arrive any time and I would be seen on the day. I came back the following week and arrived at 4.15. Was seen straight away. Two weeks pass and I get a call from the consultant again informing me the xray was not performed at the angles she requested and that I had to come back again for more xrays. Again no appointment time just turn up before 5 and have the xray. Today I arrived at 4.38 only to be told radiology was now shut. I was then informed at reception that it is only open until 4.30pm although this is listed nowhere on the new choices website or the Croydon health service website. So I am now having to go back again taking more time off work just to have xrays as a precaution.

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