"agony after surgery and an inconsiderate room mate"

I woke in agony after surgery - removal of a gall bladder. I was 'rolling' -their language for what seemed a very long time before I was given adequate pain medication. So was the next patient out after me. The person sharing my room made it clear I was unwelcome, (she was an inpatient, I was a day patient), and sprayed perfume, banged her plate while eating, (loud even through the headphones I put on.) and had several visitors with me trying to rest next to her. She did not have her phone on silent. Rest was out of the question. I thought serving her meal while I was nauseous and vomiting next to her good timing by staff. I told them I couldn't tolerate gluten. I was given standard biscuits. The dry gluten free sandwiches might have been fine if my throat wasn't so sore after surgery (why?) and could swallow them. But then, because I had been clenching my jaw for so long with the pain after surgery, I could hardly chew the seeded bread anyway. I wasn't supposed to eat from 7.30am. By the time I left about twelve hours later, that was all I had. The place is clean, the nurses efficient, the surgery faultless, but the agony after surgery and it being made clear by the other occupant that I was unwelcome, and the food, made it one of the worst hospital experiences ever.

Story from NHS Choices

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