"Everything went perfect till midwives arrived....."

About: Whipps Cross University Hospital / Maternity

(as a parent/guardian),

We had received wonderful treatment from Whipps Cross for the birth of our first daughter. She was born after a very successful induction and we only had good memories about the whole process. So, we decided to stick to Whipps Cross for the birth of our second daughter, despite having been referred to Homerton. All the ante-natal process went very smoothly and we decided to have our second one at home, with full approval of midwives. On the day of delivery, my wife started with very mild, but yet painful contractions. Midwife took a look at her and said she should call again when contractions became strong and frequent. Eventually, they became stronger in the afternoon and our plans to have a dream home birth were about to take place. We phone midwife but she says it would take an hour so I get my neighbour and start massaging and taking care of my wife... time passes and contractions become super strong and my wife begins to liberate gel like fluids. I was never afraid of having to deliver my own child, so I keep assuring my wife that I would grab our daughter if necessary. Time passes and I can feel the head of my little one as it was coming out. My neighbour, almost in panic, helped tremendously... specially by keeping my daughter clean (my wife pooed a little due to effort). It was a very stressful moment but somehow I was in control of everything and so was my wife. A few more contractions and the head was fully outside, my wife doggy style, and I am holding my daughter┬┤s head while waiting for the next (and final) contraction. It was a blessing to have been able to perform actively the delivery of my own baby. Now all we had to do was wait for the midwife to come and finish the job....She arrives 12 minutes later, which I totally understand, as they had said over the phone... she would be an hour. There is traffic, I am a driver as well. I understand. She starts by doing the cord, weight, some paperwork... then her colleague arrives bringing vitamin K and plenty of other stuff we were expecting from them... after all that is what they are there for, and I am (and will always be) thankful for their visit and knowledge. But, because of a very basic mistake, our plans to stay home and enjoy our first moments pleasantly as a family went down the gutter. Everything had been smooth till my wife decided she had to pass urine. That was when the midwives told her to go to the loo (upstairs). I said no, she should do it in the bucket next to her bed, but they insisted she have to walk and that they should see her walk. So I said: let her walk around the room, but she was imperative ┬┤She will go upstairs`. They are professionals so I relied on her and let her do her job (oh how I regret). It seems like after delivery women tend to be extremely weak, and that is why ALL midwives feed them with a sandwich before making them stand up. All except those two who happened to ruin my plans. My wife made it all the way up to the toilet and said she wanted to take a shower. Fine, they let her take a shower, alone, while they went downstairs to do something. I feel guilty for not having known that women can faint if not fed after delivery, but those two neglectful midwives must have known, unless they had forged they diplomas. I suddenly find myself in the worst nightmare, as I have my newly born girl in my arms, looking for clean clothes for my wife to wear after the damned shower. Midwives downstairs doing something. My wife shouts my name but it was too late. Bang! She fell in the shower alone. I cry for help, but they are too slow, both middle aged ladies, so I leave my little one unattended on my bed to save my wife. Try to picture the scene.

Well... much could be said after that. They kept saying her iron levels were kind of low... bla bla bla... in the end they talked my wife into seeing a doctor in hospital. I was opposed to that idea but my wife made the decision. We ended up spending a full day (sleepless) in the hospital just to come beck home in the same situation. My wife was given nothing in hospital... it all just served for us to get exhausted. My daughter is just fine and so is my wife. Luckily she suffered minor bruises which will disappear soon. I do not want these midwives to pay for their mistake, as they are humans. I just wanted to share the information so you are aware that women must eat while in bed after delivering. And for those who are considering a home birth to know better and stay firm and knowledgeable towards midwives.

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