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(as the patient),

Wait months for an appointment to be fobbed off (usual thing with doctors) didn't do anything more than what happens at a GP surgery. Thought the whole point of being sent to one specific specialty practitioner was so that the problem/issue could be addressed or looked into more in depth. Actually done less than the GP, waste of time, no resolution to problem, seven months of stress and anxiety/worry, which is no further forward in answers.

I was given an appointment with a specific doctor, the person who seen me was not the doctor listed, no sign of them, no apology, probably some intern, not good enough. You're dealing with peoples lives, not robots, very easy to fob people off as it's not YOURSELF that has to deal with the problem. Also thanks for the sheer anger to add to the stress and anxiety.

Well done, probably not the only one who's been fobbed off, now I have to go back to my GP and rant about the incompetence of others.

One more point, implying that because something looks fine externally will also mean everything is fine internally is quite amusing, I'm sure most cancer patients look relatively fine externally. What a great logic to have though, if it looks fine on the outside then it must be fine on the inside, brilliant!

No wonder many people end up with diseases that could have been solved sooner.

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Response from Paul Cannon, Head of Administration, Acute Services Division, Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS

Dear Fobbedoff

Thank you for leaving your feedback. I was very disappointed that your experience was as described, but without specific information I can only pass these comments on to the manager responsible for Gynaecology services to share with her local team as appropriate. If however you feel able to share some detail (you can e-mail me on paul.cannon@ggc.scot.nhs.uk) we can respond more fully.

I see you have decided to return to your GP and I would very much encourage you to do so, if you were dissatisfied with your first hospital consultation.

Kind Regards

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Update posted by Fobbedoff (the patient)

I was referred to the above hospital by my GP as I have had problems since January 2014 regarding pelvic pain and inflammation/discomfort which worsens at certain times during the month. The whole reason I was referred is because my GP has done various swab tests and urine samples with no answer as to what is going on. My GP expected more to be done than what he has already done> I've had four swab tests done already.

When I visited Stobhill on that day all that was done was yet another swab test which I knew fine well would come back with no solution. I would like to point out the person that saw me was not the person I was supposed to see on that day, I was scheduled on that day to see another consultant. Given the nature of these appointments, I'd like to think more respect should be given. I had requested a female doctor (which I got) but, given they seemingly think it's fine to chop and change people, for all I know I could have been given a male doctor. If the person conducting the examination is not the person that is named on the letter, then I think they should at least have the respect to let the patient know beforehand that they can't conduct the examination themselves before fobbing you off onto someone else. Maybe people would like to know who exactly they will be seeing before they turn up. Maybe people want to know that after waiting months for an appointment that they are definitely going to be seen by someone who is qualified to fully look into the problems that have been going on.

I do not know the name of the person I saw. I just know it wasn't who I was supposed to be seen by. The person I saw was respectful during the examination and very polite but I do not feel that I was listened to.

I have been told that I should change my washing powder. I know my own body and I know that something more is going on than a sudden reaction after 27 years to washing powder. I'd also like to point out that I'm sure they are fully aware washing powder is not ingested or put internally therefore that doesn't explain why I have been having pelvic pain for seven months or why the problem worsens at a specific time of the month. I also had an examination which was just external (my GP was puzzled by this) and the overall impression to that was that apparently if it looks fine on the outside then that must mean it's fine on the inside. I also had an ultrasound at the start of the year therefore whoever it was that seen me has determined the state of my health on an old ultrasound that was done months ago and a 60 second external look. My GP seemed quite puzzled that nothing more was done than yet another swab test. At some point you would think that someone qualified enough would say to themselves that the swab test route has been gone down five times already and maybe something more should be done.

As of this week the problem felt 10 times worse and has flared up again. I'd also like to point out that the Aqueous cream that was suggested has had absolutely zero impact and actually felt like it almost made things worse when used. My GP also stated that this is merely just a moisturiser. Therefore the logic of the gynaecologist that saw me you should maybe pass onto them that this assumed miraculous moisturiser doesn't solve inflammation/pelvic pain/burning/aggravated feelings. You can also pass on that I've changed to Fairy washing powder and hypoallergenic softer. This has made zero difference and I'm going to make my own wild assumption that if indeed I suddenly became allergic to my old washing powder then surely I would be allergic on other parts of the body which I was not.

My GP has stated that he can't do anything until an official letter has been sent to him regarding the appointment at Stobhill. Therefore I'm still in pain and discomfort. I'm still worried and anxious and angry that seven months down the line I have no answers. Do you think it's conducive to leading any normal quality of life that I feel this way? Do you think that it's normal that my GP as of this week has prescribed me Instillagel to numb the area because it feels that bad?

Maybe you should ask the team of gynaecologists if it's normal that someone has to lead a life of numbing parts of their body? In my opinione it sure as hell does not take a person going to university for six years to study medicine for them to know that this is anything but normal.

If it has not been made apparent, I am less than pleased that I was sent there expecting more to be done than my GP has already done and I had less done that what my GP has already conducted. What was the point? Do they think patients enjoy going there like it's some sort of walk in the park? I didn't particularly enjoy it at all and I find the whole thing horrific having to expose myself to random people. However for the sake of finding out what is going on and to get rid of my suffering then I would have endured whatever tests had to be done. My GP could have done yet another pointless swab. If they are going to bother sending out appointments to people, then they should at least tell people beforehand if they are going to bother investigating more than a GP. If I knew how pointless this appointment would have been, then I wouldn't have bothered attending.