"A very frightening experience which seems to have no end date"

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(as the patient),

I have been bleeding for 7 weeks now-no break, following an emergency c section at Liverpool Women's hospital in Mid May. I feel like I'm going out of my mind.

I've been advised not to worry as it can take up to 6 weeks following section to stop bleeding.

Well two weeks ago I suffered from severe pain, nothing on earth can compare to the pain I was in. The bathroom was covered in blood, I kept shouting " I need to push", eventually I was that distressed following the passing of something in the toilet (what appeared to be a 2lb mass of cells and dried blood), inability to stand and screaming in pain. My partner called an ambulance. The paramedics issued morphine but it did not touch the sides. On admission at the assessment ward I was met by a seemingly snotty midwife who informed me that it was probably my first period. Buscopan iv was administered in my thigh I was assured that this would cover me for 16 hours and that it would decrease the abdominal pain and leg cramps.

An ultra sound was carried out by a Dr who stated he thought I might be suffering with gallstones. I dismissed this as unlikely as I have never had any issues with such before and the desire to push as well as the vaginal bleeding did not indicate in my limited knowledge gallstones.

Blood tests were carried out to establish HB level. I had been given 3 transfusions some day after the c section as my hb had dropped so significantly. This Dr stated in mid June that there were obvious blood clots in the womb and perhaps this was an infection but later ruled this out.

I was discharged and advised that the hospital would contact me in the following morning to confirm if there were any issues with my bloods. They did not contact me so I phoned them and it was confirmed no issues outstanding.

As the day progressed, the pain returned in my legs and abdominal, again the urge to push also returned. I took myself off to the toilet and pushed what I believe to be remaining placenta out of my vagina. The pain was unreal. I phoned the assessment unit and was advised to retrieve what I had passed and attend. My mother in law, a registered nurse some years ago examined what I had passed and she stated she was sure this was placenta as it was far too big to be blood clots. Also my behaviour and pain equated to that of a woman in labour. She had supported many a birth. I was seen by a midwife and a female Dr, again whilst in the assessment unit I felt the need to push but was petrified as I had never felt anything of this size pass through the vagina before. I felt like my insides were coming away. Again I pushed and another mass followed. This one was bigger. All dark blood. I was give three forms of medication and advised that the progesterone would stop the bleeding, the clots would pass and that they would give me medication for the pain.

They gave me Tranexamic Acid 500mg tablets, mefenamic acid 500mg

and norethisterone 5mg- I completed course as directed. The bleeding did not cease at all so I phoned the assessment unit yet again. I was advised that this blood would be a first period and stick with it. The colour of the discharge had changed from dark red to bright fresh red, therefore this made sense.

10 days later now in week 6 still bleeding heavily bright red, rang the assessment ward spoke with a midwife she stated as over 6 weeks (one day over 6 weeks) that I now need to attend gyne ward.

Phoned and phoned the gynaecology ward no reply.

3 days passed and the bleeding heavier than ever, bright red maternity pads saturated within the hour, had to change cloths twice that day. Phoned and phoned the gyne ward got through to triage finally after 5 attempts and ring outs of over 12 minutes. Advised to attend. Whilst there I bleed so heavily I had to call nurse for assistance. Blood all over toilet and my hands after flushing. Nurse gave me a further maternity pad. I explained I had not stopped at all for 7 weeks on Saturday only change blood colour. I was really anxious and worried as obviously this not normal.

Seen by a Dr and examined. She said unlikely anything left in the womb as neck of the womb closed. The relevance escaped me as the cervix never did dilate or open even one cm as that was the whole reason an emergency c section was carried out in the first place.

She examined me and confirmed there was tenderness of the abdominal-feeling returning following the c section and that I now had an infection as some tissue might have been left. Two weeks prior I did not have an infection, nothing found in ultra sound but now I did have an infection. She explained the other Dr could have missed it due to blood clots in the womb. She asked what antibiotics were previously prescribed as she did not have access to my previous notes, I confirmed no antibiotics had been prescribed prior. No follow up prior either.

Dr prescribed a double dose of progesterone and antibiotics as well as booking a further ultra sound for 4 days later.

Today I awoke to saturated sheets and pjs covered in blood I phoned the women's gyne ward and spoke to a nurse. She seemed to disbelieve the amount of blood loss and stated that the ultrasound would not be brought forward and I should give the medication time to work although it's now 7 weeks and the second dose. Eventually she stated I could attend gyne but unlikely anything different would happen but I was welcome to come and wait to see someone should I wish. Well the unlikely chance of any further treatment versus the logistics of having to find a baby sitter at short notice to yet again look after my 7 week old daughter drew me frustratingly to the conclusion it wasn't worth my while.

I need answers and I feel 7 weeks constant bleeding is an unreasonable time to leave someone.

It's just not good enough to leave a person bleeding like this for this length of time with the condition seemingly worsening.

I wrote a wonderful review about the Womens following the c section, however the care provided following discharge is in my opinion sheer negligent and totally unreasonable. The review will be reviewed and amended but in the mean time I need someone to take ownership and make this situation better. I feel like I've been ignored and the urgency of the matter played down. I have never experienced any gyne problems and this is a very frightening experience which seems to have no end date.

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Response from Alison Gallie, Patient Experience Officer, Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Molcasey

Thank you for your comments, this is clearly not the standard of care we expect any of our patients to recieve. We have discussed your concerns with the Head of Nursing and the Head of Midwifery who were both very sorry to hear about your poor experiences of Maternity and Gynaecology services. We are pleased to learn that the Patient Experience Team have been in touch with you and subsequently you are now accessing treatment with us. We would like to reassure you that all comments are taken seriously and acted upon. We would welcome the opportunitity to meet with you to discuss the concerns you have raised. If you would be willing to meet with us, please contact the Patient Experience Team who would be happy to make arrangements to meet at your convenience.

Alison Gallie - Patient Experience Team

Ruth Stubbs - Head of Nursing

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