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(as the patient),

I went to nhs today with my husband. It was my 1st ever appointment with nhs.

I had burning sensation in my vagina after urinating for some time. I went to pharma shop and owner suggested me to take electrolyte. He said the weather change is the reason. I took electrolyte that day and I was better. After a few days I had this problem again. I used to sit for longer time in loo...hoping it will get better if I pee more. I even found blood in my urine. Me and my husband were scared to see blood. And the burning gote worse. My husband got me elecrolyte and ran to pharma again as immediate NHS service was not available (seriously? ) The owner suggested juices and said it will make me better. I was in bed for whole day and the juice helped me. But I was scared. I wished that it should not happen again. I started drinking those juices regularly. And increased my water intake. Even after all these I had this burning again one morning. I googled what it could be. as soon as I typed 'burning sensation in vagina after urinating' all the pages took me to UTI. I booked my appointment with nhs as now I was sure it was serious. Me and my husband couldnt have intercourse. So this doctor was my consultant. I gave a sample and told her all the problems. I never had any such problems in past. I told her everything including the problem me and my husband having in our sexual life. And she was laughing. She didnt even asked us to sit. And clearly from her response she wasnt interested in giving me any medicine. She didnt want to understand at all. I was speaking and speaking telling all my problems I had. And what she said me actually made me feel so bad I was at the verge of crying. She said this is a psychological problem I am facing. I tried to be nice to her asking her if I can get a medicine. Or a cream. But she didnt help me at all.

I came out and I couldnt stop crying. Where is humanity?

I can imagine if someday I fall in serious health trouble doctors here will try to get rid of me telling its a physiological problem. Shameful!

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