"Northwick Park Hospital Maternity Ultrasound Department: Wrong diagnosis"

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(as the patient),

I attended this department last year, for a trans-vaginal scan, having been referred by my GP after a history of irregular menstruation, intermittent bleeding and pain. It was not my first scan, so I was prepared for what was to come. The staff were fine, though a little matter of fact and cool as many NHS staff are. During the scan, the sonographer appeared to focus for a long time on a particular area. She then informed me that she was 'unsure if I had a polyp (growth) or not, and then left the room. In she brought a second sonographer, and the two of them ummed and ahhed over the scan screen for what seemed an eternity.

Finally, I was informed that it 'looked like I had a uterine polyp', but the results would be sent to my GP.

Off I went to my GP the following week. I was informed that not only did I have a uterine polyp, but I also had a uterine fibroid AND polycystic ovaries.

To say I was shocked and upset was an understatement.

I was very worried about the two growths in my uterus, and spent an anxious time waiting for an appointment to come through, which was eventually given for a months time, to have the growths removed, but ONLY under general anaesthetic, which I was not satisfied with. Having been a nurse myself for 11 years, I knew this op could be done under local, but was not even offered that choice.

Hence I searched for a private doctor to help me, and found one.

I had a hysteroscopic procedure under local anaesthetic, and very professionally and quickly. It was done within an hour.

During the procedure, I was then informed that I did not have a Fibroid. Just a very small polyp.

I would like to know how this kind of mistaken diagnosis can be made? Do chief staff know what they are looking at when they review an ultrasound and report on it? This is basic, key information being relayed to a patient by their GP. If this information is incorrect, the impact is immense. Had I undergone surgery in Northwick Park as planned, I would have been put under for a simple polyp removal, with no sign of a fibroid in site.

Does that constitute good care and do the NHS coffers any favours whatsoever?

Furthermore, I spent weeks of worry and anxiety about a non-existent growth in my womb.

Thank You very much NWPH.

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