"Utterly disgusted"

About: North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust / Emergency ambulance

I collapsed at home in Openshaw Manchester, when I came to I had shooting pain in my chest and right arm I rang NHS direct for advise who said I needed to attend hospital immediately so an ambulance was called, I was terrified as I feared what was happening inside my body and being alone with my 1year old I was distressed at the fact I couldn't even pick her up! :( when the ambulance staff arrived at my address they were very helpful but told me they needed to wait for another ambulance to take me to hospital as they were an ambulance car, when the other ambulance arrived the female member of staff was extremely rude upon entering my home telling my daughter (who was screaming at this point because of the distress I was in) to "shut up" and shaking her head, she thumped the medical bag on the floor with a loud thud making me feel nervous held her head in her hands then huffed and said have you taken pain killers, I tried to explain through the pain and rapid breathing i was experiencing that I was prescribed some co-codamol by my doctor for an ongoing pain in my shoulder-blade but due to the sudden nature of the attack of pain I hadn't yet had the chance, or even thought of taking one as it had all happened so quickly and I feared the worst was happening, she asked me why i thought it was a good idea to sit in pain and not take the pain killers then as I was speaking I was struggling to get my words out the female member of staff in question folded one of her arms and was waving the other one in a gesture for me to hurry what I was saying I found it completely humiliating and began to cry. I was asked to quickly collect some things so I could be taken to hospital, once in the ambulance I struggled to fasten my seat belt as it was on my right side where the pain was running down my arm as I struggled the female staff member sat and watched and repeated over ten times for me to fasten my seat belt everytime I tried to speak up that I wasn't able she spoke over me just repeating "fasten your seat belt" I started to cry again from the humiliation she then got up in a huff and yanked the seat belt over causing a burn like injury to my neck as it was yanked across my body I was so scared I was in shock at this I was experiencing worse pain in my chest and down my arm and my hand was now starting to swell and painful pins and needles, the female member of staff then sat back down and asked me my name date of birth like nothing had happened I just clutched my arm and sobbed I was then asked by this woman if I enjoyed messing her about I just sobbed harder I felt humiliated and helpless and I was afraid once I arrived at the hospital I was treated with respect and given all the correct treatment and am now under a specialist but me and my little girl were left frightened and I was humiliated I now struggle to go out and am having councelling due to this experience it has ruined my confidence I was vunerable and needed help I am utterly appalled.

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