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About: Darlington Memorial Hospital

(as the patient),

What could be improved

I initially went to urgent care with abdominal pain and was transferred to Darlington to have a scan, I was told I could go immediately and have it after a short wait or go at 8am on the Friday morning and wait about 3 hrs, at urgent cares advice I went immediately, no scan was to be given, on arrival I was admitted to ward 34 and told I had to wait till morning in spite of my attempt to tell them that wasn’t what I had agreed with bishop, I wasn’t allowed food or drink until I had seen this doctor. I spent from about 2 am till10 am sat on a bed with a blanket around me, I couldn’t lie down as someone had apparently stolen the pillows and we could only have one each which couldn’t prop me up being to flat to use. The doctor arrived and was having a full blown disagreement with the other doc about the NHS and the fact someone had taken his apprentice from him and had no right as he was a consultant not a registrar, this took place in front of 8 patients and over the top of one. I was sent for scan after being told my blood tests showed something abnormal so I wasn’t making this up, this comment blew me away. I was told they were looking to remove my appendix or my gall bladder but someone thought I had a cyst in my stomach. I was told I could now eat and drink, but then told NO by the nurse, she said Dr needs to see results even though he told me I could eat and drink following the scan, dinner came and went and tea came and went and NO to food and drink, no Dr came, I was made to walk through the hospital in open back gown totally humiliated. I earlier refused the help of a male nurse who sniggered as he offered to help me into a hospital nightshirt, He later rode around the ward on a drip stand and crashed into a wall. One buzzer went for 32 mins through the night. We were then moved onto ward 32 a MALE ward. I asked when the doctor was coming and was ignored. Medical details were discussed for all to hear.

Anything else?

There is no privacy here, from bowel movements to periods I know theirs, they know mine and next of kin’s details, appallingly disgusting. I asked again for my results they said they don’t know, I refused a stomach injection, how can they treat me when they don’t know what’s wrong? I asked about doctor coming they said probably tomorrow, it was 7pm. Some visitors were complaining on the lack of care their loved ones had had. I was signing myself out, to which they announced to the ward by saying it as loud as possible, they said I couldn’t go until a doctor arrived, I gave them 20 mins otherwise I was walking, they did say I couldn’t really leave as I had a needle in my arm until I said I can easy whip that out WATCH, she panicked at this and said no its ok DR is coming. The doctor spoke about her night out with the nurse and ignored me initially. The Dr wanted me to sign the form before it was filled in, I said I wouldn’t as they could write anything in the ADVICE GIVEN TO PATIENT BOX and I wasn’t signing it until I read it, Dr said I was awkward, damn right by now I was seething and not signing a blank document for them to put whatever in later.

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