About: Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

(as a relative),

My wife had a bad episode of depression last year. She was diagnosed with severe depression and was suicidal. She was under the care of Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust. I was disgusted at the lack of support available. Appointments were months apart, there was little monitoring of her condition and her wishes for treatment were disregarded. She reacts badly to most drugs and requested CBT. Her request was disregarded, and even when she was started on drugs she was left months between appointments so ended up for months on a drug that was not effective.

At one point the only support offered was the number of the crisis team. She was extremely suicidal and did indeed phone them numerous times - she never got an answer to her call. She informed staff that no -one was answering the crsis number and absoutely nothing was done. They refused to contact the team for her and she was told to just keep on trying. It took literally weeks for her to get an answer and even then no support was offered, no-one visited her to assess her - they were just a waste of time.

If it wasn't for the Samaritans my wife would be dead now.

My wife does not have a history of empty suicidal threats or of attempting to commit suicide. The crisis team had had no knowlege or contact with her before this episode.

This complete lack of interest and support may go some way to explaining why Lincolnshire has a higher than average suicide rate which does not seem to be improving.

Surely someone who is suicidal should be monitored closely, contacted regularly and give a lot of support?

If my wife gets that ill again I will be moving her in with relativees in a different county - I genuinely believe I would be risking her life by leaving her in Lincolnshire.

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