"gyneacologist innapropriate comments"

(as the patient),

I am 18. I have private healthcare. I was alone in the room and the nurse came in early and said "oh sorry I always walk in early" I said "oh ok, do I need to take my underwear off, yes?" the nurse said "yes" and nodded. She didn’t shut the door and I don’t know if she watched me take my underwear off, as I turned my back to her as I did it. I placed the towel over my vagina and lay on the bed with my top on still. The nurse was then in the room with me and the gynaecologist came in. He asked to "take a look at my stomach then" so I lifted up my top and then he lifted the towel and just stared at my vagina and smiled. He then said "have you been away or is it sun beds?" (Referring to my tan line) I said "sun beds" he said "most women usually go on completely naked, don’t they" I said “I like to see how brown I get" he then just looked at me in that area again not explaining why he was. He felt my stomach and I was in pain and almost started to cry when he pressed a particular area. He then moved to the end of the bed with his eyes level with my vagina and began the internal exam. He said randomly “I bet you are enjoying this more than when I pressed your stomach" I looked at him awkwardly and he smiled smugly. I just murmured “hum". I felt very uncomfortable and thought this was inappropriate. He then asked if I had had pain during intercourse and I replied “yes I have" and he said "obviously not that much" and smiled again. I didn’t look at him much at all but when I did look he was smiling (as though smiling to himself) and staring at my vagina as he did it. I have had internal exams before and they are never comfortable but I felt this was different as he made inappropriate comments. I would like to complain but not sure how.

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