"Was told go to Chase Farm for Cellulitis-without..."

I tookk my 89 year od mother to CCH as she had hurt her foot and was having trouble walking ! If my mum-who has Dementia, ever hurts herself-she always says she has fell down stairs-even when she hasn't. The girl on reception asked me what was wrong-I said Mum has hurt her foot. She asked me what she had done-and silly me-I answered-Im not sure. I told the girl Mum's ankle was Red-Hot and Swollen. She told me it was probably Cellulitis and I must takeher to Chase Farm Hospital as CCH doesnt deal with cellulitis. I asked what exactly they did deal with-she said minor injuries-and as i didnt know how Mum had hurt her foot-they wouldn't see her. So I turned to mum-knowing what she would reply-and asked her what she had done to her foot-----Mum replied----Fell down stairs ! So I said-There you go-an injury she was then seen by the nurse-who sent her for an Xray-which showed no broken bones and he determined she must of sprained it in some way So my advice to anyone going to CCH-is to lie ! and say you've injured yourself Thewhole place was empty and if I hadn't of stood my ground-I would of had to take mum all the way to Chase farm How can someone say its cellulitis without even examining a patient ? IWould they have done the same to a pensioner-who would of had to call a cab and pay out of their pension to get themselves to Chase farm-even though they wouldn't of needed to? Yet again-no duty of care, No compassion And totally unprofessional

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