"A lot mor respect for each other and patients"

About: Whipps Cross University Hospital

I went in with a leg injury yesterday at 10am and was greeted by a very friendly receptionist and eventually (1 hr later) sent to the window where someone else took personal details. Again was very helpful and came out from behind the window to help my sister manoeuvre the wheelchair closer to the window so that I could hear. Dead on 2 hours I was called to triage where a lovely nurse examined me with care. They understood the pain I was in a handled me and my leg with care. This is where I feel it goes wrong. The nurse explained to a Doctor that they were going to do bloods to rule out DVT. The doctor question the reasons for the test and preceded to undermine the nurse in front of me. I have no problem with doctors questioning decisions as it keeps us all safe but to have the nurse spoken to like that was in my mind disrespectful. The Doctor then manhandled my leg sending me into great pain and tears and replied abruptly "I've got to do this". Well The nurse managed to do it with a better approach and manner. No patient vulnerability taken into consideration. I waited another hour in a waiting area and I was taken to x-Ray and back which appeared to go with no hitches ( staff there were efficient). I then went into a room with a doctor who told me nothing was broken (I hadn't fallen). They explained very well that I had a torn muscle and would need crutches. I asked how they had ruled out DVT? They hadn't. I was then asked were bloods taken earlier - No. I then had to have a scan to rule it out . Staff in scanning left me waiting for another 1 hr and were clearly annoyed I was there without bloods done. The guy in scanning was lovely and helpful. I spent the day watching medical staff be rude to porters and a particular Nurse in Scanning be exceptionally rude to patients who were only asking when they might be seen (after they had spent an hour on trolleys - fair question I thought). One lady was asked in a hall full of backed up wheelchairs, " you just have two wait what's wrong with you anyway"- she replied "my cancer might be back," and became distressed. If you are not customer facing- change jobs. Patients are in pain and vulnerable. I was then taken to ambulatory in error. I wish it wasn't an error , the receptionist and a particular nurse were so so nice. I'd been in whipps for 5 hrs and the offer of tea was unexpected. They arranged a porter to take me back to A&E. I was then told it was a tear in a muscle and given crutches and a demonstration by a very helpful nurse who also arranged my follow up appt. Medical staff need to be aware of the impact their abruptness on each other in front of patients and to patients themselves, leaves a negative memory.

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