"My stay at Queens Ward 2"

About: Croydon University Hospital

I was sent to a+e from the walk in clinic from croydon with severe abdominal pain which they thought was appendicitis. When at a+e I was given an emergency card and told to wait. After having my bloods taken I was told i had inflammation in my blood but as I have pcos I had to be seen by a surgeon and a gynaecologist. After bring examined by the surgeon they admitted me to Queens ward 2 and I would see a doctor in the morning. I was woken up the next day being told I was going into surgery within the hour. After the operation I was taken back to Queens ward 2. Where I stayed for a couple of days. While I was on this ward after my surgery no one had checked my stitches or changed my bandages. I was in a room with a few old patients. The lady next to me was very distressed after when she was bought on the ward taking out her iv drips, not understanding what they were giving her. The staff spoke to her like she was a child and was laughing at the things she was saying. She wanted to call her son and repeatedly asked to but was repeatedly ignored. I ended getting out of my bed the day after my operation to help her call her son. One of the other elderly women was screaming to use the camode but was ignored rudely which resulted in her releaving herself in her bed which is unhygienic and humiliating especially in a room with 6 other people. During the night another patient informed a nurse that her colonoscapy bag need changing which the nurse told her she didn't know how to change that type of bag she will get another nurse. Which she did not do as in the morning the bag burst which is again unhygienic and humiliating for that patient. The nurses were terrible. The surgeon come round in the morning and told me i could home that day. I was handed my discharge papers by a nurse and told I could leave with out a nurse once changing my bandages which I could see the blood through, not being told what kind of stitches I had been given during surgery. I asked the nurse and she kissed her teeth and walked away. I was 25 and in a lot of pain still after the surgery as it was not appendicitis and they were not clear why I was in pain. I left and went to pals where they called the ward and the nurses refused to come down and talk to me. They ended calling the ward sister who came down and told me that I had to go back to the ward because my dressings need changing. Which she got the nurse to do who was rude all the way through changing my bandages. I had had surgery and was still in pain, and the nurses had no compassion for me or for any of the other patients. I am frankly disgusted that those people are being paid to take care of sick people. I would not recommend that ward for anyone to stay on. I left that day confused and upset with the care I had received and the care the other patients were receiving as well as still not knowing what was the cause of the severe abdominal pain I was still feeling.

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