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About: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

(as the patient),

What I liked

Nothing about the maternity section thats a fact. I would recommend everyone to have their babies at kingsmill instead i had my other two children their and they are fantastic.

What could be improved

i went into labour at 4am so i went to calow asap as i found blood in my urine and im a negitive blood group. When i got their i was seen by a midwife who then called for a doctor to examine me, he came in and examined me then told me to do a urine sample which i did, the doctor then reasurred me that i was in definate labour and i would definately be having my baby today. by 6pm i was 5cm dilated but not progressing as fast as they hoped, so a midwife came in and said there is a shortage of beds i will have to go home, i was in floods of tears as i explained to her that the doctor said i was deffo staying in and delivering today, she then informs me that its not written on my notes, so i then left calow to go home in agony with contractions, when i got home my contractions sped up really quickly so i went straight back, as soon as the midwife examined me my waters broke so yippee they couldn't send me home again. pain was now really bad so i asked for a epidural especially as i knew i was going to have a big baby, she said no i will need to be in control but i kept on and on at her so she backed down, epidural was put in but mmm it never worked nothing went numb. so by 1am i eventually gave birth to a 11lb 1.5oz baby boy oh and by the way the scan said he would be only 9lb give or take a lb shows how wrong they were.

Anything else?

Now the worst thing was, after giving birth a good three or four hours later, i was told that i have strep b, which means it took 18 hours get my urine sample test results back which we all know only takes a couple of hours max. so my baby was born without any anti biotics which can be very dangerours even causing death. the midwife said don't worry the result shows its in your water and not in your vagina so your baby should be fine, so as you can imagine i felt really relieved. i was told i had to stay in for twelve hours after given birth as a precauction then i could go home, which i did, the midwife informed me that she will arrange for my own midwife to visit me at home the next day. The following day she dosn't turn up so i rang her the next morning and asked her if she was still coming, she was stunned and told me that, she had not been told i had given birth, she came too see me that same afternoon bless her and did all the paperwork, she then came the next day with a bomb shell, she told me that calow had rung her to tell her that they found strep b in my vagina after all, so this means i was told a load of rubbish while i was in hospital. the midwife, explained all the symptoms to look out for if my baby was to get ill and to ring the doctors and explain to them that hes had no anti biotics. My son has been ill from the day he was born with his bowels and he was projectile vomiting as well, i have never been so scared in my life worrying if him being ill was due to this problem. After nearly a week or so i took him to kingsmill and he was admitted for four days he was diagnosed with reflux and was prescribed with gaviscon, so the projectile vomiting has now stopped. thank you kingsmill. I am planning in another year to have one more child and i can safely say that Chesterfield royal i am going to be staying well away from, Kingsmill here i come.

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